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at crystal bed healing with emma bellamy we use the power of clear quartz crystals to heal and harmonise your energetic field 

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+ Understanding clear quartz crystals

The key to understanding the science behind a Crystal Light Bed healing lies in understanding the properties of clear quartz.

Clear quartz has wide-ranging usage in electronic applications we use every day; it's electromagnetic properties are amazing and are one of the many reasons it is so useful for the healing of our biological fields. Clear quartz is both pyro-electric and piezo-electric;

Wikipedia says:

Pyroelectricity (from the Greek pyr, fire, and electricity) is the ability of certain materials to generate a temporary voltage when they are heated or cooled.[1] 

Piezoelectricity /piˌeɪzoʊˌilɛkˈtrɪsɪti/ is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (such as crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone, DNA and various proteins)[1] in response to applied mechanical stress

Essentially what this means is that certain crystalline substances can generate a charge when they are heated, cooled or put under pressure. These features mean that clear quartz is very useful in many electrical applications we use every day, such as data storage chips, satellites, radio, sonar, piezo-ceramic motors, medical equipment and earphones; essentially the clear quartz in these instances is being used to transfer energy.  

Data and energy are of course other words for information

It is very rare in nature for a material to feature both the properties of piezo and pyro electricity... In fact, there are only three known naturally occurring materials that are both pyro- and piezo-electric: They are clear quartz, tourmaline, and human & animal bone & tendon.

Rather astonishingly, one of these materials is YOU! 

Yes, WE HUMANS are crystalline in our structure. This goes some way towards explaining why clear quartz has been found to be so useful for healing the human body by so many cultures across the world, and why prayer and energy healing modalities such as Reiki work.  

Back in 1994 scientists at Stanford were able to store a short movie on a lithium niobate crystal, and this technology is used in mobile phones today. The quartzite silicon chip is a means of containing energy using the power of quartz. More recently, scientists have managed to store over 360 terabytes of data on a quartz coin, which to give you a comparison, is enough space to store our entire human history.

Indeed, since ancient times clear quartz has been used for healing, divination, to purge evil spirits and to gift information to others. It has been used in Africa, Tibet, China, Egypt, by the Scots, the Native Americans and the Australian Aborigines. 

Those healers who can see energy say that crystals emit an energy field which is visible, and these fields affect living things such as plants and people for the better, increasing and healing our own natural fields.** Clear quartz is thus known as the 'Master Stone' because it is considered the most versatile, multipurpose healing stone. In my opinion, the stones are alive and breathing, and these particular stones are the incarnations of the divine; a spiritual library waiting to be accessed.

In the 1960's, a brilliant scientist named Marcel Vogel worked as head chemist at IBM. His groundbreaking work is responsible for many applications still in use today, such as the magnetic data surface on the back of CD's and DVD's. Deeply influenced by nature, Vogel constantly referred to it in his work. After studying bio-luminescence, he invented phosphorescent, or psychedelic paint. Can you imagine the sixties without psychedelic colours, or the eighties without fluoro? His specialty areas included liquid crystal displays, magnetics and phosphor technology. 

Vogel was so impressed by his work with quartz crystals and their incredible qualities that he quit his job at IBM to concentrate solely on their fascinating properties. Although he was by no means the first person to attribute special features to clear quartz, I find it compelling that such an eminent scientist committed his life to their study. And that is not all... it is my personal belief that we receive spiritual gifts and healing under the Crystal Light Bed as well. 

For those who think they have nothing to do with crystals, the fact is the use of clear quartz is so inherent to our culture you are already working with this one. 

As indigenous cultures have taught us for thousands of years, Marcel Vogel also came to the same conclusions. Just like a quartzite silicon chip, which stores information, clear quartz can store thoughts and intentions, transfer them, and amplify them. 

In essence, clear quartz acts both as receiver and transmitter, assisting you to manifest your heartfelt intentions and allowing you to attune to the energies and information of divinity from Love/God/the Universe.

A magical stone indeed!

* Crystal properties of the human body

**See Barbara Brennan's Hands of Light, for example

Note: All pyroelectric materials are piezoelectric, but not the other way around