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Tyagarah Road
Tyagarah, NSW, 2481

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at crystal bed healing with emma bellamy we use the power of clear quartz crystals to heal and harmonise your energetic field 

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+ Why have a Crystal Light Bed?

Hello and Welcome! I'm Emma Bellamy. 

Do you think your health should be more radiant?

Are you experiencing emotional difficulties, physical or spiritual challenges? 

Either way, you have been guided to the right place! 

Each of us is totally unique, and we all require a slightly different combination of agents in the restorative process. 

In life we are constantly exposed to information which affects our energy;

from our environment... our diet... illness... emotions... our relationships and of course, from the journey of pregnancy... 

It thus helps us when we take positive action to balance our energy fields through healing.

We are so lucky at this point in time, because our way of addressing human dissonance is changing...

We're collectively realising there is a lot more to us than meets the eye! 

The Crystal Light Bed is a part of this. It is a specialty treatment which acknowledges the WHOLE person; emotionally, physically and spiritually.