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at crystal bed healing with emma bellamy we use the power of clear quartz crystals to heal and harmonise your energetic field 

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In all cases we are treating the energy field of the human being. 

Everything we do day-to-day affects our energy field, or subtle bodies. Specific physical problems affect us, such as pregnancy, a broken leg, being post-surgery, vascular issues and the like. Emotional issues, such as anger, sadness, jealousy or fear have a deep effect on us too, and if not treated these effects will eventually become chronic and enter the physical body. Likewise, our daily life affects us with its stressors such as work, mobile phones, EMF's, crying children, [I've got two!] pollution, relationship issues, wi-fi, construction noise and dietary habits. 


Whether you are treating tiredness or profound trauma, emotional pain or chronic physical pain, the Crystal Bed can help. It can alleviate things that are already in the physical and prevent things before they become physical. It can also assist you to consciously focus on one particular issue, for example, getting over a broken heart or treating grief due to a loved one moving onto the next plane. 


Healing is the restoration of balance to the energy fields of the body. ...Why do we need it? At this time there is a lot we don't have common knowledge about in terms of our bio-fields. Because terrible things don't happen to us instantly, we've yet to understand their subtle effects accumulated over time. 

For example, here is a list of some common things we all do that affect our bio-fields to their detriment: Wear a handbag over one shoulder; wear black clothing; cross our legs; wear shoes; wear synthetic fabrics; use synthetic perfumes; use mobile phones; sit near wi-fi routers... we all do these things at this time and as we learn more about ourselves we will change; in the meantime we require a little help!

Our bodies are in fact finely tuned incredible machines, which can and do tune to subtle energy and subtle vibrations, but the way we are currently living does hinder their perfection. Healing of all kinds- crystal beds, acupuncture, massage, reiki, prayer, fasting, clean eating- helps to restore the body to its natural and beautiful balance. 

Like many people I have been on a journey with my body and Crystal Bed healing helped me personally. It is very powerful, gentle and beautiful. 

It should be remembered that healing is a beautiful gift. We are often given so much more than what we initially ask for. I recommend you read some of the incredible accounts from the Casa here


The chakras are energy vortices that directly interface with the world around us. All chakras are openings for energy to flow in and out of the bio-field. Each chakra is associated with an endocrine gland and major nerve plexus. As a result they are the perfect points to direct healing energy towards.


No. And I totally get this! For a very long time I didn't understand crystals myself... So I have explained some of what science has learnt about how they function on this site, but it is not necessary to 'believe' in crystals for the healing process to work. Just as you do not have to 'believe' in a massage for it to work, you will still experience a healing effect.

However, as with a massage, if we engage with the process consciously we get vastly more out of it than if not. If we breathe appropriately as we are getting massaged we aid the process and the same is true of healing under the Crystal Bed. If we engage with it thoughtfully and respectfully then we will get more out of it. 


The short answer is it aids the healing. White is considered the sacred colour for a reason; Our energy centres are affected by colour - believe it or not if you wear the same colour t-shirt every day this will affect your subtle bodies and your energy! White contains all the colours of the spectrum, and thus all vibrations are easily treatable when we wear it. Even wearing white in daily life will benefit us immensely.

Black, on the other hand, has literally no colour in it and like dark colours, contains less of the visible light spectrum. Thus it is harder to balance the frequency of each chakra when we wear it. So although it is by no means necessary for the healing in terms of you, you are encouraged to wear white for this reason. I think this utilsation of free-will also benefits our healing response. 

The same can be said of all living things - people, rocks, plants and crystals. Everything living benefits from the full spectrum of light, ie white light.


John of God, or Medium João as he prefers to be called, is what's called an unconscious or full-trance medium. This means that his body is used as a divine instrument to allow the benevolent spirits he works with to heal us, and he has no recollection of the event. Specific spirits use his body in this way, and some you might have heard of such as King Solomon, St Francis of Assisi and St Francis Xavier, but others you may not have heard of such as Dr Oswaldo Cruz, who helped to eradicate yellow fever from Brasil, and Dr Jose Valdevino, a famous Brasilian surgeon. 

These spirits are also able to help heal you while you are under the Crystal Bed. Most healers on Earth, whether they are aware of it or not, are being helped by deceased healers in the afterlife. 


We're all completely different people. Some people need only one session to get back into alignment, while others require several sessions to gradually work away at something that has been concerning them. Some prefer to do it regularly, to keep 'on top of things' and so I suggest buying a package to these people. 

On a personal level I felt a profound transformation after my fifth session, where I physically felt intense heat in the problem area. It is my opinion that after several sessions the energy can be worked on at a much deeper level, which makes total sense to me. You will be guided to do what feels right for you. 


At the Casa de Dom Inacio it is frequently pointed out that we are just as responsible for our health and healing with respect to the decisions that we make. We can eat healthily; sleep as much as we should; avoid stimulants of all kinds; fast to let our bodies rest; eat raw and living foods full of enzymes; prepare food thoughtfully; pray for others; do good deeds; be kind to all living beings; show compassion; look after plants, animals and the planet... essentially yes, you can! Doing what you can, when you can, will help you and everybody else on this journey we call Life. 


Crystals are used in many of our everyday applications because of their ability to transfer and transmute energy. Incredible amounts of data can be stored on quartz; as recently as March 2016 scientists announced that they have created a quartz coin which can store an incredible 360 terabytes of data. A movie can be stored on a quartz crystal; your computer features a liquid crystal display; earphones and mobile phones all use quartz crystals to transfer data; sonar uses quartz crystals; the best oscillators in the world use quartz crystals; cigarette lighters use quartz crystals to generate that spark; even the quartzite silicon chip uses – you guessed it – quartz! 

It is no surprise that quartz is so useful to transfer and store energy. For thousands of years quartz has been used by indigenous societies to transfer energy and to heal people. 

Clear quartz soothes, balances and harmonises us: it assists us physically, mentally and emotionally and this is why it is called the Master Stone. 

Due to its clarity and hardness, clear quartz is a very stable transducer. It is thus able to accumulate white light to the body almost perfectly. White is the most beneficial colour to us, as it contains all the colours, or vibrations, of the spectrum. White light also has a protective capacity so clear quartz also assists us in this way. It helps us to attune to the subtle vibrations, the subtle bodies and the subtle energies. It strengthens our bio-field and all our energies in a comprehensive way. 

Quartz can amplify happiness and reduce stress. It helps you to focus on the positive and to eliminate the negative. It helps us to attune to higher consciousness emotions, like compassion, and for this reason many people choose to wear it over their hearts. It aids us in our individual personal progress and guides us in our role in the evolutionary progress of humanity. 

Clear quartz cannot make you do anything against your will, or with no effort from you. What it can do is aid and amplify your intentions and actions. You have to use your free will to choose a better path, higher purpose or new beautiful reality. And once you have made this choice it amplifies and assists you...